Clement (IN)

Music in the mid nineties was changing spheres and while the rest of the world was trying to understand the dynamism it was taking on, all one man wanted to do was listen to a record! And that’s exactly what he did. Music, a simple escape, soon became a passion and then, Clement D’souza’s reality. Even though he was new to turn tables he was already getting set for the catapult his professional life was about to take. Come 1995, the course of his life was set not in stone but in the waves and vibrations that make people groove. To be able to watch people dance is to hear their hearts speak out unabashed. And that’s what keeps Clement on the console creating new sounds and turning new tunes that keep people hankering on. This is why Clement became a Disc Jockey! And in an industry where cutting edge is actually more cutting than edge, he puts a unique and positive spin on every party, gig or event that he plays at.
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