Claudio Da Rocha Miranda Filho (BR)

Speaker (Brazil Music Conference (BRMC))

Over the past 20 years, Claudio has been an active Entrepreneur in the Live Business and Entertainment Sector in Brazil.

Co-Founder of the Brazil Music Conference (BRMC), since 2009 one of the most relevant Music & live entertainment conferences worldwide, Claudio is one of the main figures in the 'Dance Culture' development in Brazil and SA. In 2018, was invited to join Rock in Rio to lead its new Dance Music Stage, the New Dance Order.

In 2023, Claudio will lead the New Dance Order stage at THE TOWN festival, in São Paulo, Brazil.

His startup CASA_09, helps manage some key artists carriers in the Brazilian market as Maz, Davis and The Fish House.

Has been a partner and led majors multi-genre music festivals - such as Chemical Music Festival, Rio Music Carnival, Players Urban Music Festival, Ultra Brazil. Has also led huge live shows productions and successful nightclubs - such as 69 and 00 - both in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

Believer in the Associationism to society and sector development, serves as member to the Advisory Board both to AFEM (Association For Electronic Music) and APRESENTA (Associação de Promotores de Eventos do Setor de Entretenimento).

Responsible for managing successful ventures and teams. Main competences include Stakeholder Management, Team Leadership, Project Management, Commercial and Strategic Partnerships, Marketing & Sales, Financials, Communications and PR.

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