Cinema Royale (NL)

Cinema Royale is an obsessive record collector whose passion for sharing timeless music has brought him where he is today. The man known to his mother as Arne Visser is definitely not a genre snob; instead he’s a master in blending a diversity of genres, always aiming to knit together a mesmerising soundtrack. As such, he is able to spin in a wide array of settings where he selects quality music to set for the perfect mood, whether that is through (new)disco, deep house, eighties, funk , Brazil, soul music or experimental jazz, he’ll blend it in a flawless way you never experienced before. The man’s seamless mixing ability is second to none in the modern era where most youngsters can barely beat match, and it is for this reason that he has been booked all over the globe to play clubs, festivals, art events, corporate parties and fashion shows. Supported by the legendary DJ Eddy De Clercq and New York based DJ Mondo Lucien and inspired by DJ Harvey, Moodymann and Ron Hardy the infinite list of references include Vagebond, Supperclub, Paradiso, Dekmantel, Jimmy Woo and Club Up, whilst international brands such as Heineken, Bacardi-Martini, VPRO Television, Victor & Rolf, Sotheby's and Jaguar have all come calling for his services in the past. Festival-wise he’s played both jazz and classical events and rocked the International Film Festival, Ahoy Rotterdam as well as Mystery Land and Dance Valley. Cinema Royale performed at private parties for Steven Spielberg, Dita Von Teese and the Queen of Holland and played on numerous film premieres, art vernisages and thematic events where he played with the finest visual artists and instrumentalists such as Micha Klein and trumpeter Saskia Laroo. Cinema Royale is about sharing new musical journeys, conveying artistry and bonding with his audiences through the love of vinyl and his infinite love for pleasure and freedom, and that often rubs off on the crowds who come to join him and share in his musical merriments.
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