Christopher Just (GB)

am born in Vienna-Penzing, ordinary childhood, I go to elementary school, then to high school, wich I quit after 4 years. I gather my first musical experiences as a DJ in a gay bar. Then I receive my first sampler, a Casio SK5-4, wich I use to produce my first track “Wenn der Toni mitdem Polster und der Edi mit dem Finger”. I send it to the Musicbox competition “Best Song for the Football WM 1988” and come first (I am still waiting for the promised cup…) After five years of studies at the Fashion School of Vienna, I have to admit, that my native country is not exactly what we could call a Mecca of Fashion, I apply for a place in the master caclass for painting in the College for applied Arts. As I do not want to waiste my drawing talents completely, I work as a cartoonist for the techno magazine “Envelope”. Because of a sue, it almost cost the magazine its life. Marc Oh, Scooter, die Schlümpfe, Blümchen bring technopop to te point and consequently, it is unnecessary to carry on with the project Ilsa Gold. To play the proll is not fun eternally and after an album and 3 maxis, the Sons of Ilsa are so burnt out that they also finally turn their back on show business. My interests towards my own productions are being reinforced, I bring the label Petra into being, I co-produce the soundtrack for the first Austrian techno film “Tempo”, discover Punk nderson for Pomelo and I work at a new album, called “Gerhard – Hoppla jetzt komm ich”. With the track “I´m a Discodancer” I come together with Hell´s Gigolo Records and we´re quite successful in the UK. When Punk Anderson turn Europe´s back on and returns to Texas, I fall in a big hole and decide not to produce anymore for several years. I just do remixes and play chess from 1998-2001. I resume producing own tracks in the winter of 2001 together with Clemens Neufeld for the label “Giant Wheel” under the pseudonym “Milano Brothers”, the next step is an album called “Let there be Pop” wich includes the best of my remix works, and I produce 12” for Giant Wheel and Cheap Records under my name again. In summer 2003 I invent together with Gregor Huhsovitz the label Global Matador wich will bring joy to all people and rock the whole world for the next 10 years.
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