Chelsea (NL)

She’s 22 years old. Chelsea van de Kimmenade. A lady that makes you look twice when she passes you by. Like so many, she had the dream of becoming a singer. And she did it. Chelsea grew up in a family of four girls in a place called Someren in the Netherlands. Her mother is a singer, which means she grew up in a musical environment. The oldest daughter of Tanja Lomans and Robbert van de Kimmenade knows what she wants at an early age. While her classmates are dreaming about a future as Barbie, teacher or fireman, Chelsea knew: “I’m going to be a singer”. As a teenager she often competes in talent competitions. She experiences her first time ‘on stage’ at the age of twelve. Within no time, Chelsea grows into a beautiful young woman that manages to mesmerize her audience with her voice as well as her appearance. At the age of sixteen she starts performing and is often the supporting act of well-known artists. In 2007 Chelsea signs a contract under her former artist’s name Chelc-D, her first record deal. Not too long afterwards she becomes the face of Extrema Outdoor ’09. Featured alongside G-Lontra & Rockz, she performs her debut song ‘Give’ during the final show of the festival. A week later ‘Give’ comes in at #1 in the Dutch single top 100. The requests for performances start coming in and Chelsea performs, among others, for 10,000 people during ‘Volare the white festival’ in Spain. Chelsea’s music style is a mix of house and club, with an edge of lounge, summer, jazz and R&B. She is booked nationally as well as internationally as a singer and vocalist/MC, in clubs, at parties and festivals. The year 2011 she ends in style ranked as 87th in the FHM500; the ultimate list of the 500 most beautiful women in the Netherlands. This year also promises to be an exciting one for Chelsea. She is currently working on her own production, and there are a few features coming up with different dj’s. 2012 symbolizes a new start as an artist for Chelsea; she has said goodbye to her former artist’s name ‘Chelc-D’, and now knows what she wants, more than ever. Chelsea is an invaluable asset to the music industry, whom we’ll be hearing a lot of in the near future. One thing’s for sure. She’s gonna kick some ass!
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