Chad Jackson (GB)

To witness Chad Jackson in action is an eclectic, atmospheric and intellectual journey into sound to uplift the spirits and move the soul. He is a dance music pioneer and icon of the scene, who has inspired many of his contemporaries with his DJ mixing and production skills to become a revered maverick in electronic music. Chad has been a DJ, music producer and educator since the mid 1980s, having bagged the crown of Technics/DMC World DJ Mixing Champion in 1987. Resident DJ at the now legendary Hacienda club in Manchester - to a worldwide smash hit in 1990 with ǮHear The Drummer Get Wickedǯ, he has gained worldwide industry respect and recognition and was recently honored with a DJ Legend award by DMC. Chad has been a champion of contemporary music with his journey through many different genres throughout the years, always pushing the boundaries forward - from his beginnings in Northern Soul, Jazz- Funk and early Electronic Music, through to Acid House, Hip Hop and Breakbeat, and all picked from one of the largest private music collections in the world.
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