CastNowski (CA)

CastNowski is a young and promising Bass/G-House Music DJ/Producer based in Québec City, Canada. Supported by the likes of Oliver Heldens, Steve Aoki, Bijou & Shaun Frank to name some, he combines music and emotions in a way that will leave you speechless. As soon as he starts spinning, he brings the crowd in his own world. His heavy bass lines and his groovy melodies are sure to give goosebumps every single time. Being one of the founding member of the UpNorth Agency, CastNowski is looking to shake things up in the music industry. He’s also the head of the record label called Fraudulent Records and the Pop label 12th Floor Records. The artist is filled with passion and drive for the music scene, pushing him toward building a future where his music and projects will be noticed and will have a long term impact on the scene.
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