Bubbles (NL)

Cheek and sass, and a can of whoop ass! Bubbles is a 24 year old Amsterdam native, but currently calls the Berlin streets her hunting grounds. Growing up, she divided her childhood between the South Eastern part of Amsterdam, and the motherland of Ghana. When at a young age, she and her sister were exposed to a large dose of musical radiation as a consequence of her family's love for the arts. With the overal decay in quality of the local DJ scene, she quickly noticed the danger that party people were in and set out on a mission: take the Amsterdam nightlife by storm and save everyone from boring songs and lacklustre sets. First as one third of the infamous DRKNGHTS Collective and now also as solo artist and producer, providing energy and rawness in spades during her performances. With her luscious selection of bass, ballroom and hip-hop beats, she manages to always deliver a certain recognisable vivacity. Whether it be on her own productions or her sets, she will never give in to popular demands and will always do the things she stands for.
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