Brent Roozendaal (NL)

During the past few years he has rocked many dancefloors - from playing at renowned clubs, right up to playing at big international festivals such as Awakenings, Lowlands, Welcome to the Future and Free your Mind. As a crucial promotor he contributes to Holland's hedonistic nightlife through events such as Drift, Crackhouse and Mood Elevator. Both as DJ and promotor Brent is always looking for the ultimate balance between excitement, bass-heavy grooves and subtlety, making people squeal as the screws are turned even tighter. Brent's debut, the 'Trust EP', a collaboration with Pitto as Mood Engineering, received a lot of raving feedback and playtime. He's currently working on his first solo project, no doubt something to look forward to for the growing number of enthousiasts who Brent has enchanted with his futuristic electronic explorations.
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