Bowles (NL)

Born at a time where music was at its finest and digital revolutionized the music industry, Bart Oomen also known as Bowles set foot in this world. As Bart grew up in The Netherlands it meant that he had direct access and lots of possibilities to create a distinguished taste in music. In his younger years Bowles listened to the following bands due to his uprising by his beloved parents: Vangelis, Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye, Duran Duran and Depeche Mode. As Bowles progressed into various styles of musical preference, a spark was lit when he came in contact with Electronic music. The rhythm of the beat and the melodic groove hit an emotional string causing Bart to become instantly mesmerized and his new addiction took shape. Being inspired as a participating visitor in the music scene Bowles developed the need to get deeper into the material, therefore he decided to part take in a series of DJ master-classes at Nachtlab in Amsterdam for the duration of 6 months. During this timeframe Bowles was able to hone his skill which led into a curiosity on his end to become involved in the creation of music besides putting the focus on performing records of others. Bowles became confident and reliable behind the decks making his venture to the next process in the chain possible, as Bowles wanted to create records in a professional studio environment. This need and want led him into contact with The Analog Playground. The studio that Bowles is able to call home now is ‘The Analog Playground’ in Wisseloord Studios, Hilversum (www.wisseloord.nl) This analog environment is where Bowles is able to put the hours in to progress and improve his mixing abilities, making him multi lingual in terms of engineering. As Bowles knows the history of recording, he knows the future for music, with the focus on technique. This exact skill set is what is apparent in his mixes, as dynamics, drive, melody and especially ‘telling a story’ are structural principles that you will find in his music. Bowles as an artist does not have to be flashy, as he would much rather let the music speak for its self! Quality house music with a hint of class and a splash of groove make Bowles the perfect start for your night out, any day of the month!
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