Boss Priester (NL)


In the last couple of years, Boss has worked hard at developing his musical identity: producing and collecting electronic dance music, which can be described as a tasteful blend of minimal, house, and techno.

Getting in touch with underground dance music in his early twenties changed his perspective on music and life for good.

His original approach to music production allowed him to study Music Technology in Utrecht, here is where he became obsessed with alternative production methods like working with hardware and the charms of analog circuitry.

After successful releases on What NxT, Dark Side Of The Sun and Interweaved Records, Boss gained massive support from some of the scene’s most respected artists, such as:

Enzo Siragusa, Dungeon Meat, Alec Falconer, East End Dubs, Michel de Hey, Dr. Banana and many others. This support has resulted in upcoming gigs and label releases on BA-DUM-TISH, LOCUS, and EASTENDERZ.

With an impressive portfolio of music from Boss Priester to be released, 2023 looks like the year for him where preparation meets opportunity. This is just the beginning. Get ready to move!

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