Boris Divider ()

Electronic music producer, sound designer and video composer from Madrid, Spain.His work is focused into the sequential and minimalist progressive electronic stuff and this is one of the main backgrounds and essential concept to understand Boris Divider’s career.More than a decade after developing electronic music for clubbing and dancefloor environments, and being one of the most important artists talking about electro scene, his music was played around the world in countries such as US, UK, Germany, Netherlands, ... playing in events such as Sonar Festival (Bcn), ADE (Amsterdam) or clubs like Tresor (Berlin). But things were changing during the last two years into a new path where visual stuff gets an important role and where audio and video are being synced toguether in a constant synergy sharing the message on both sides. This new trajectory leads him to play audiovisual performances at LCE (La Casa Ecendida) or MEH (Museo de la Evolución Humana) in 2014.
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