Bizzo (NL)

Bizzo, an Italian / Dutch producer inspired by his father who is an authentic Italian musician / artist. Always dreaming of being able to share his talent on a bigger stage, he chose to start his career focusing on 90’s Hiphop music and trying to perfect the game. People often lack the understanding to comprehend the complicity of life and combining that complicity with music and passion and transforming that into a complete product which is his entire being. Experiencing the greatest DJ's in the world inspired Bizzo to turn a new chapter in his life and career. He decided to dedicate his life to his dream and he attended the Rock Academy School of Arts. At the Rock Academy is where he honed his skill-set and graduated only to return to Amsterdam and dominate the house scene and create his own music and sound. Bizzo creates music with blank thoughts and not style related. Thinking outside the box and utilizing those moments is what makes him an extraordinary dj and producer. He believes that every style has it's own beauty. He takes the time and patience to realize a classic hiphop beat with 90’s influences, or a future house track in line of modern times, creating a true Bizzo track we al love to listen to. Having no restrictions in genres and mixing the styles you love can create magic in his eyes. And thats what he does. He wants to create magic in music. And loves doing it. Enjoy what's to come and inspire others to chase there dreams.
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