Bertram (AW)


Bertram is an Amsterdam-based producer, DJ, and event organizer. Hailing from Aruba, he is a curator and DJ at Galactic Funk. He’s been active for almost 10 years in the underground scene in Amsterdam where he has honed his distinctive sound and built up deep experience in electronic music.

In 2022, he released his debut EP 'Kibra Cadena', which means ‘break chains’ in his native Aruban creole language called Papiamento, on Dead Channel Records which is known for it’s gritty electronics releases. He is featured on Filmmaker's Body Musick various artists compilation 'Anatomy Vol. 2', and has a forthcoming release on the Berlin-based Sons of Traders label in collaboration with Mutant Radio. He hosts his radio shows at Operator in Rotterdam and Mutant Radio in Tbilisi. He is working on a forthcoming album aimed at release later this year and has shows planned in the Netherlands and abroad throughout the rest of the year.

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