Beatrice Dillon (GB)

As a composer and curator, Beatrice Dillon is in many ways a perfect example of the musical omnivore: Her apparent obsession with rhythm and classical training has brought her from compositions for samplers and percussion (along with collaborator Rubert Clervaux), to compilations of drum pieces from the vaults of Folkways Records on the hitherto faultless label The Trilogy Tapes, through to improvised back-to-back DJ-sets with Kassem Mosse and performances with visual artists around the world. Based in London and finding inspiration in everything from techno and dub to avant-garde electronic composition and African music, her tape for the great experimental label Where To Now? is a mixture of all of those: analogue textures in ambient constellations turn into bleeping, rhythmic lines and swirling nebulae, while snippets of guitar and sampled vocals give way to pure expressive percussive explorations. Described elsewhere as ”an esoteric antidote to orthodoxy”, Dillons flair for blending her deep understanding of archaic rhythms with avant-garde composition and the undeniable physical appeal of modern techno makes her one of the most interesting up-and-coming artists around. We urge you not to miss this one!
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