Basistolia (NL)


Born and raised in Amsterdam, Pieter a.k.a. Basistolia grew up listening to Joris Voorn, NTO and Pink Floyd on repeat. A quiet child, Basistolia discovered a passion for self-expression through music with a message. His music is always carefully selected to this day.

In 2020, a brush with a serious health issue made it clear that there was no time to lose in pursuing music further. And so DJ and aspiring producer Basistolia came into being. The name "Basistolia" is derived from the Italian medical term "asistolia", meaning: "...the heart's electrical system has shut down and there is no heartbeat". But there is no stopping Basistolia’s beats. He is now seeking larger audiences to share his sound, which combines driving rhythms, grooving tunes with a sprinkling of vocals. Basistolia’s sound can be best described as energetic, deep and euphoric.

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