B. Jinx (US)

B. Jinx originates from the Midwest of the good old USA (Missouri to be exact). He has been a DJ/Producer since the early 2000s. As an producer, he has made many tracks under many monikers just for fun. The earliest highlight when he was featured on the indie label Painfully Midwestern's "Comomusic Anthology vol.2" compilation. He has been featured on various remix projects from artists in his locale, mainly on the Cat Jams label. He started DJing in the most unconventional of ways. When he was a poor lad, he was mixing and looping tracks on a cassette player. Many years after being in university, he finally bought his first set of Technics and soon started to DJ at small parties and open deck nights. B. Jinx has definitely came a long way. Currently, he is residing in Korea and he plays in venues big and small. In late 2008, he got his start DJing in Korea in Busan at one of the first underground DJ venues, Vinyl Underground. Soon after, he was playing in Gwangju, Jeju Island, Busan, and Seoul. His journey has taken him to many places throughout the country and the world. As some people will know, 2012 has been a massive year for B-Jinx. With top selling releases on some of the industries most respected labels such as Andrew Macari's GREENHOUSE/JACK LOCKER/TASTIE as well as Mark Castley's BLUE GRITT. However, it doesn't stop there. As well as his productions gaining support from the major labels they are also gaining major support from some of the leading DJ's in the scene, with many of the industries major players rocking dance floors by throwing B-Jinx tracks into their sets. The hustle always begins small, but hopefully, it will turn into something relevant for the people.
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