Béla Molnár ()

TWENTYFOURSEVENFILMS has always represented the endless spirit of its founding filmmaker Bela Molnar, and his passion for music. It’s a commitment he has not taken lightly, ever since the age of nine when he started trading his photographic stills of sought-after banned music videos, for packed-lunches in the communist playgrounds of Hungary. Crouching under the stairs in his makeshift photo lab to produce his unusual bartering collateral, it was here Bela built the foundations for his career as a purveyor of unique content created especially for music lovers. CREATIVE DRIVEN BY THE FANS Over the past twenty-odd years in the music industry, Bela has continued to hold onto one persistent vision that informs all his creative outputs: understand music lovers in all their bizarre and extraordinary guises. Bela’s insight into and own experience of this fanatical world has been key in helping industry heavyweights such as SONY/BMG, Paul Oakenfold, Taio Cruz, Primal Scream and Labrinth connect with the millions of their own fans around the world through award-winning content. RESULTS THAT BUILD ARTISTS Of course, music fans wouldn’t exist were it not for talented artists to admire and as an ex booking agent, club owner and promoter Bela understands that artist development and promotion is a crucial part of getting to this point. Its why the key KPI for all projects is to leverage the artist’s profile to its maximum potential, whether it’s at the start, top or end of their career. With Bela’s business ties to YouTube, iTunes and various syndicates, getting the content into the right hands is as important as the idea. CONTENT WITH CONTEXT TWENTYFOURSEVENFILMS employs a rigorous end-to-end approach to every project that comes through their door taking care of everything from idea generation, to storyboarding, production, post-production and channel distribution. That way content is never judged from the closed island of our edit suite but is viewed in a wider context, next to all the other media that gets consumed everyday. We imagine it in people’s homes after Eastenders, on their phones as they leave a gig, in a break between work, or simply passing through the ether between friends. Working up to that endpoint from the very embryo of an idea means we never lose sight of the project.
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