Axefield (NL)


Axefield makes and plays music in order to speak to people on a deeply personal level. He is focussed on capturing his own fantasies, feelings and expressing his own reality. He makes his absorbing music all the more intimate by often using his own field recordings. Along with heavy basslines, these anchor his sounds in the real world and lace them with genuine emotions. When crafting his tracks, Axefield carefully designs and synthesizes every sound source. This lends his melodies a unique quality whether making techno, rave, ambient, trap, breaks, indie electronica, or UK bass. All of this is exemplified in standout EPs such as 2020's Keep Talking, 2021’s Cocktail Culture and sublime tracks like the deep acid trip of 'Ostrich Ride To Other' and mind-expanding synthscapes of 'SNY.' He is also working with Postzegel on an album of ambient, film music and spoken word amongst several other collaborations. Axefield also runs the Who's Susan label and is the label manager at Intercept Records keeping him heavily involved with the craftship of like-minded artists.

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