Avril Ceballos (DE)

After working in various editorial and translation roles for print publications, cultural festivals and academia, I focussed on working in the electronic music context, starting as Project Management Assistant for the International Symposium on Electronic Art in Mexico. Building on this experience I was given the opportunity curating nights for the Festivals Worldtronics, Serralves em Festa and Wassermusik. This endowed me with a deeper understanding of music industry, curatorial work, and music research. I am managing the label Cómeme since 7 years. After having gained experience in curating and project management in music, it made sense for me to continue on my terms, also co-founding the Música Cómeme Publishing entity. With a considerable amount of followers, releases and constant presence in the scene Cómeme is a healthy running label today. It is also kept alive by constant evolution, establishing for instance the Radio project “Radio Cómeme”, organising exhibitions as well as gaining exposure for our artists and helping them to develop. My passion for working for artists, furthermore led me to establish the booking agency “Futura”. I also work as Berlin studio and office manager for Boiler Room; I handle all administrative components of Boiler Room Berlin and, alongside the Berlin music team, program the Studio Sessions. My experience has situated me in every avenue conceivable when it comes to the different aspects of the electronic music industry. Although it’s trying at times – my perseverance and determination is always propped up by my deep passion for music.
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