Atmospheric Deep and Duyvo (NL)

Two DJs, great friends, the same birthday and a love for soulful, afro and deep house: destined to work together. Atmospheric Deep Atmospheric Deep (1982) has produced two top 10 remixes that were in the charts of Traxsource. The Dutch soulful, afro and deep house radio station Radio QH (www.qhradio.nl) broadcasted multiple podcasts, which were all well heard and popular. Duyvo Duyvo (1985) is the new kid in de scene of soulful, afro and deep house. He has already made a name for himself by working in the studios with DJ’s like Leroy Styles, Rancido and Atmospheric Deep. Still he travels through the country to feel, taste and share the music. Collaboration The duo was first asked to collaborate during Monday at Supperclub in Amsterdam. They got many positive reactions. So they collaborated again during Amsterdam Dance Event at the party Sinners & Saints, where they are residents. They also collaborated at HOJA! and Closer. They showed off their skills multiple times during Superstars in the well renowned club Escape. Atmospheric Deep is the man of the soulful and deep house, however, Duyvo prefers afro house. The combination of these two DJs behind the decks and their choice of records provide a versatile set. They put in all their energy and passion into their sets. They know that their enthusiasm and pleasure while spinning intrigues the audience. Atmospheric Deep and Duyvo don’t take a break. In 2013 a number of productions will come out and their agenda is already full of bookings. Where words fail, music speaks. Music is our religion.
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