Italian-born Producer and DJ Andrea Grasselli fell in love with music at the tender age of eight when he studied drums and piano. When he was fifteen, he started producing electronic music, influenced by artists Depeche Mode, Queen, Daft Punk, and Calvin Harris. Over the years, he continued to master his craft, and it wasn’t long before he created his own distinctive sound. He caught the attention of several industry influencers, who invited him to write and compose house songs for famous Italian DJs. Then, his popularity soared. It’s not surprising that Andrea’s star is rising. He dedicates himself to music every day, and thousands of fans acknowledge his musical prowess. Now, some of the biggest and best DJ / Producers worldwide support his unique sound. His hard work, commitment, and dedication to his craft finally paid off when Andrea got his big break by signing with Time Records, the biggest independent label in Italy. Currently, he’s collaborating with world-renowned DJ Burak Yeter on the release of a new song called “Too Good “. To capitalize on his rapidly increasing popularity, Andrea focuses on growing his career as a Producer. He has several new projects in the works, and his momentum seems almost unstoppable as his fan base continues to expand.

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