Ashley Gauthier (CA)

Soul of music brings Ashley Gauthier to his knees, and he sends this back through the speakers to create a unique experience with each and every person on the dancefloor. Relying on instinct, keeping harmonies that groove knob in check, and playing music that’ll make your rump shake all night and get lost in his sounds. Ashley is half the brains and heart behind the very happening “Sashay” LGBTQ2+ events in Ottawa, along with the more sexy-underground “Throb” gay event, but also playing out after-hours gigs and various other sets where he can let his creative techy side out. Having worked the decks alongside Victor Calderone, David Morales, Miss Honey Dijon and Hex Hector to name a few, you can be assured that a professional full body workout with a dash of “what the f*** just happened” will take place.
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