Anne Jenniskens (NL)

Anne Jenniskens is the licensing manager at FUGA, an industry-leading technology and services company for international rightsholders. She is responsible for the company’s global licensing strategy and FUGA’s relationship with over 260 digital service providers worldwide. Anne was drawn to the music industry while attending law school. She started as an assistant book agent at EPM Music around the time the first digital music services were launching. Propelled by her legal background, she soon found herself handling the company’s licensing deals. From this position, she was able to grow along with the digital music industry as it expanded, now accounting for the majority of recorded music revenues. Since joining FUGA in 2012, she has been involved in building and expanding FUGA’s highly regarded aggregation business. Anne is an experienced dealmaker with ‘hands on’ knowledge and experience in the world of digital music licensing.
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