Anna Jaskiewicz ()

Warp is an international label bringing leftfield art to a global audience. For over 25 years Warp has synonymous with the avant-garde, and from groundbreaking electronic music to new mutations of jazz, classical, pop and hip-hop it has defied being pigeonholed within any genre. The Warp roster includes innovators from across generations - Aphex Twin, Flying Lotus, Autechre, Kelela, Boards of Canada, Oneohtrix Point Never, Hudson Mohawke - and the list goes on. Anna Jaskiewicz is a Licensing Manager at Warp, where she is responsible for sync and creative exploitation of the label's catalogue as well as overseeing commissioned projects. Warp video games placement include GTA, Little Big Planet, NBA 2K15, Drive Club, Watchdogs, Sleeping Dogs to name a few.
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