Anyasa (IN)


Anyasa is an Indian melodic house and techno artist signed to Anjunadeep. One of the most proficient producers in the industry, he creates a beautiful balance between classical Indian sounds and modern electronica. This distinctive style has found a global following with his successful Gaya, Athena and Apollo EPs – along with performances at iconic venues such as Printworks in London, Brooklyn Mirage in New York, Expo 2020 in Dubai, DGTL in Mumbai and a full North American in 2023.

Anyasa aims to introduce worldwide audiences to the rich cultural tapestry of India. He brings a fresh and innovative approach to his performances, incorporating elements of traditional Indian music with a contemporary twist, thereby creating a truly unforgettable and immersive experience for his listeners.

He was first covered by Mixmag back in 2016 and can give a unique perspective on how the Indian dance music market has developed and how an increasing number of incredibly talented Indian artists are now finally being recognised on the international stage.

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