Anish Kumar (GB)


Awhirlwind 18 months has seen rising talentAnish Kumar receive co-signs fromFourTet, Daphni, Bonobo, Danny Howard and PeteTong as well as release a slew ofcritically-acclaimed EPs in ‘Postcards’and ‘Bollywood Super Hits!’. Following festivalappearances across Dialled In, FourTet’sAll-Dayer and Field Day, he also appearedacross the UK and EU, consistently appearing on billings across major cities, playing atrevered venues such asThe Warehouse Project and Printworks. Influenced by a variety of genres, namely northern soul, disco, doo-wop and the production of Bicep and FourTet, Kumar’s sets have become one to watch for across festivals. His work is gratifyinglyhard to categorise with its melodic, anthemic production coupled with synths that nestledeeply into the groove.Anish Kumar is influenced by the culture around him,incorporating sounds from around the world while experimenting with melodies andsongwriting.

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