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From local hero to internationally-acclaimed DJ idol – the past few years have seen Angelo perform across every continent of the world, entertaining huge festival audiences, and sharing stages alongside some of the music industry’s elite. As not only an exciting performance DJ, Angelo is also a busy content creator for many global brands and an active educator in DJ culture – releasing his own “Turntablist On Tour” products, which include his innovative USB Turntable Training Tool. His tireless commitment to preserving and furthering the art of “real DJing” is matched only by his ambition to entertain wider audiences and to showcase his creative vision on bigger platforms. With over 15 years experience, a string of DJ accoldades, and the relentless determination to perfect his craft, Angelo deservedly holds a place as one of the world’s most respected and “complete DJs” – successfully straddling the complex arenas of Club DJing, Turntablism, Exclusive Parties, remix/production, and much more. DJ Angelo’s appeal is universal, and with support all over the world (including over 7.7 million YouTube views), he is no stranger to rocking superclubs, festivals, high-profile events, and underground parties on a global scale.
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