Angel Moraes (US)

Angel came of age in the golden era of NYC's legendary disco and house scene. Always on the prowl for inspired sounds, in '82 he was a regular for the late night underground groove at Jellybean's Funhouse. However, it wasn't until a friend introduced him to the magic of the Paradise Garage that he discovered home. The Garage wasn't just another club for Angel, "it was everything, like living in a dream. When you have danced in a place that amazing - you start to set pretty high standards." The Garage sparked a fire in Angel that he carries 'till today. While spinning at a house party early in his career, a chance encounter with veteran producer Victor Simonelli turned into a studio session. Angel was a natural. In 1993 he sacrificed the security of his day job, traded in his beloved sports car and founded Hot n' Spycy Recordings. From his very first productions 'The Moraes Sound' was making waves. His creative approach to engineering and mastering, mixing up deep beats, dirty bass lines, industrial sounds, and stirring vocals established Angel as a highly respected and sought after Producer and Remixer - including projects for The Pet Shop boys, KD Lang, Jamie Myerson, Jocelyn Brown, Loleatta Holloway, and most recently Suzanne Palmer, and Dana Divine (please see discography for complete list). In 1995 things really blew up. With the release of the now classic underground anthem "Welcome to the Factory", word rapidly began to spread, the tracks began to chart, and Angel's skills in the DJ booth came into heavy demand. An intensive touring schedule has made him a well-known name and a regular favorite throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Yet, there was something missing ­ a place to call home. Angel opted on Montreal, Canada to house his long-coming inspiration ­ a custom analogue sound system that would rival all others. In 1998 after two years of painstaking planning, the Stereo afterhours club was born. It was a dream realized. Soon after opening, the custom designed installation became a Mecca for international dance-floor aficionados and talents alike, all seeking to take part in what has been described as a 'one-of-a-kind' experience. In addition to Djing & custom sound system design and installation, 2005 marked the beginning of Soundworks, Angel's custom-built recording studio (www.globalsoundworks.com). The success of Angel's latest releases such as You Should've Said (I Love You) feat. Dana Divine, on Roger Sanchez's Stealth Records 'Release Yourself Vol 3.', the Sakedown remix for Victor Calderone's Statrax, the Naked Music remix for Miami's Basswalk, the Bob Sinclair, Kiss My Eyes remix for Star 69, and the Billboard Dance chart remix success, Ageha feat. Jocelyn Brown & Loleatta Holloway "A Better World," all point to good things to come!
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