Amanda Chang (BR)

Reverberating her vision of electronic music to Brazil and the world for a decade now, Amanda Chang's status quo demonstrates a peak of artistic maturity and clarity. Born in Rio de Janeiro, the DJ and producer has performed in Live and Modular formats since 2017, consistently strengthened after several seasons of electronic sound synthesis research at La Siesta de Fauno Studio-Laboratory, in Buenos Aires. With a diverse and contemporary repertorial characteristic, her music connects various sonic facets, from techno to experimental. Such uniqueness is evident in releases such as "Amount of Contour", a collaboration with Argentine group Klauss and the experimental music project AMP in partnership with Paulo Motta. In addition to these activities, Amanda was taken to some of the most prominent clubs and festivals, such as Warung, EGG LDN, Rock in Rio and Suicide Circus, as well as fulfilling a residency at D-EDGE. Restless and fearless, over the last few years Amanda has consistently broadened her goals in the electronic music scene and, at the same time, promotes didactic and artistic work for music professionals in her studio through disciplines such as music history, graphic notation and electronic sounds, relating them to human aspects and aiming to amplify knowledge about the influence from various perspectives, such as the energy centers (chakras). Walking hand in hand with science, Amanda comprehends that the DJ's work requires understanding of human behavior and that electronic sounds influence the audience's body, consciousness and mental states. Thus, this artist goes on tracing her path of constant transformation, supported by dedication and curiosity to dissect the fascinating power of music in people's lives.
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