Alexander van Spaendonck (NL)

Alexander (1970) will next year celebrate his 20 year anniversary working in the tax and financial advisory, of which seven years in the music industry as a Business Manager for DJ’s. This makes him one of the most experienced and well-known practitioners in the business. Alexander on one hand advises seasoned entrepreneurs and DJ’s on their personal financials, whereas on the other hand he structures business for young talents. Always in close cooperation with dedicated professionals: managers, agents, labels, accountants and lawyers. Alexander’s 360° approach enables the artists and their managers/agents to focus on the creative side of business, while their backoffice and personal finances is completely taken care of. During all those years, a very successful business model for artists is developed and often implemented by Alexander and specialized external advisors. Main result of the business model is control on Intellectual Property, optimized Net Income and a sound financial future. Together with his partners, Alexander founded a company: Commenda. Commenda is a specialised agency that provides international operating individuals and artists with all possible types of financial and administrative services. Commenda advises these clients and helps them to organize and invest their assets, worldwide. In essence, we are a professional sounding board for all financial matters. The team that works on artists is called Artinbus – www.artistsinbusiness.eu
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