Alex Cornelissen (NL)

From July 2002 until September 2007 Alex participated non-stop as a crewmember on the Sea Shepherd ships, taking-part in over 20 campaigns. During this time he worked his way up the ranks to First Mate in 2004, and Captain in 2006. Upon completing more than five years on the ships, Alex became the Director of Operations in the Galapagos Islands at the end of 2007. He held this position until the end of 2013 when he became the CEO of Sea Shepherd Global. Alex has sailed around the globe a number of times and traversed every ocean there is, freeing fish, sharks, whales, dolphins and other marine wildlife. He has sailed to the Antarctic Ocean five times to stop Japanese whalers; he has freed dolphins from the fishermen in Taiji, Japan, and spent a month in jail for the action; and he has been arrested twice for opposing the Canadian seal hunt. Alex is now leading the Sea Shepherd Global movement and has vowed to continue to grow Sea Shepherd until the oceans are under the full protection of Neptune’s Navy.
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