Alex Chaykin ()

Alex Chaykin is Vice President in the music department and helps lead the electronic music division at APA , one of the largest diversified talent agencies in the industry with headquarters in Beverly Hills, Nashville, New York, Atlanta and London. Since first joining the agency in 2012, Chaykin has overseen significant growth of the division, which now consists of over 70+ artists touring all over the world with an emphasis on North and South America. The team focuses on building long term careers, breaking and building artists and their brands from the ground up through creative initiatives as well as working with seasoned artists who continue to grow with the changing landscape. Some current clients that reflect this are acts such as EDX, Matoma, Azealia Banks, OMI, Nora En Pure, Martin Jensen, Sharam, Crankdat, Paul Oakenfold, Quix, Croatia Squad, Vini Vici, Sander Kleinenberg and many more. As growth in certain markets shift the team takes focus on that which can be seen with the booking of over 150 + shows across Latin America this year alone.
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