Alex Branson (GB)

Speaker (Sr. Vice President of Music Services, Beatport)

With a career spanning 20+ years in the music industry, Alex is now the Senior Vice President of Music Services at The Beatport Group. Music services is the bridge between the Producer Group (Loopcloud & Plugin Boutique) and the DJ Group (Beatport and Beatsource).Prior to joining Beatport, Alex advised a variety of companies including Beatport, Facebook, EMPIRE, iMusician, Rotor Videos, Trebel and Moodagent. This followed his role as General Manager at Warner Music Group where he created levelmusic.com, the company’s DIY distribution service. A large part of his career was spent helping Beatport CEO, Robb McDaniels, build Ingrooves as a continuation of his involvement that helped shape the current state of the digital music industry.

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