Alessandro Nero (IT)

Formerly known as Necroboy, Alessandro is an Industrial Techno producer, Dj and live act. Founder and owner of Kindcrime Recordings since 2008, (one of the most relevant emerging realities in the current Techno scene) Alessandro played in many clubs across Europe such as Tresor Berlin, Uebel und Gefährlich Hamburg, Musikbunker Aachen, Reineke Fuchs Cologne,Under Club in Barcelona and he is now ready to make his dutch debut. In addition to the live experience, Alessandro has more than 10 years of solid knowledge of music production and more than 60 releases with different aliases, starting with his first Electro-tech / Techfunk releases back in 2008 , arriving at his last works, like his original mix "The Latitude Of Earthsea" with Svarog remix, the sampler of his "Explorations Of Men And Creatures From Atlantis EP" his singles like "The 120 Days Of Sodoma" or "You Hate Me and I Hate You" and his latest "A Drug Dealer's Dream EP" ,"De/ath I:Fascination and "De/ath II:Blood". Alessandro proposes a faithful sound drenched with English and German Techno, defined by a combination of powerful and syncopated rhythms, synth lines that generate raw industrial leads suffocated in acid pads and drone atmospheres, and always in the search of the unification of an underground but minimalistic life-style, with strong influences from Hardcore, Punk (and Post-Punk), Metal, but also Hip Hop, with an eye to avant-garde Electronic Music proposals and visual art, to influence and inspirate the creation of something new, in a constant innovation that leads to the possible evolution of an observant but active social movement, the need for a duality between technology and counterculture.
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