Airbase ()

Already as a kid, perhaps influenced by his musician father, Jezper was mesmerized by music. Every month he'd take the bike to the local record shop where he would spend whole days digging around looking for obscure german dance music, spending most of his allowance on sounds no one around him had never heard before. By chance, he stumbled upon his first piece of music software at the age of 14. That marked the beginning of Jezpers successful career as a trance music producer. Around the same time, he had the opportunity to try out DJ-ing at a local radio, and he was instantly smitten by the combination of music and technology. Before he knew it, young Jezper was playing club gigs he wasn't legally old enough to visit. With his first record release in 2002 (Airbase - Emotion), Jezper set out on a greater path. With instant, and consistent support from all the big name DJs and producers, he quickly made a name for himself as one of the premier producers and DJs of melodic, uplifting trance music. He's always mentioned when true trance classics are discussed, but never been afraid to try new things. Jezper has always had a place in his heart for the truly anthemic big room floor fillers we all love so much. With albums, over 40 singles and more remixes than he could count, Jezper has become a great contributor to the trance sound of a generation, traveling the world to play everything from the smallest underground clubs to the worlds biggest arenas.
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