Abe Batshon (US)

Speaker (Founder/CEO, Beatstars)

In the 1990s, Abe Batshon was an aspiring songwriter who realized he couldn't afford to purchase beats for the thousands of dollars they cost at the time. So, he proposed a deal when he connected with a music producer online. The producer could sell him a non-exclusive license to obtain the beat — he could buy it for less than the normal price, but others could also use it. That thought process became the genesis for something much greater. In 2008, Batshon put it all together. His time as a songwriter combined with his experience in the tech world, plus several years working in the music industry with rap stars like The Lox, Killer Mike, and Mac Miller, all melded, and he created BeatStars. Today BeatStars is one of the leading music tech companies, providing a platform that connects creators across the globe, led to countless charting songs, and paid out over $250 Million to it’s community. Abe remains as involved as ever within all aspects of the business, community, platform, and podcast, "Pay The Creators with Abe Batshon."

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