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Matthew Adell

Matthew Adell

Matthew Adell’s passion isn’t just music; it’s connecting people with the music they love. As the co-founder of the music start-up MetaPop, Adell has helped to establish a much-needed platform for monetizing remixes that benefits both the remixer and the rights holder. In an ever changing, tech-savvy world where music streaming reigns supreme and Soundcloud bootlegs get taken down in droves, his decades’ worth of experience and innovation is empowering creators in the digital age.

Adell was just 13 years old when he got his first job in the music business working at a record store in suburban Chicago. Growing up before the dawn of the Internet, he served as Vice President of Wax Trax! before setting out on his own and founding two companies, Organico Recordings and Little Green Management.

An early adopter of the Internet, Adell was quick to realize its potential, holding senior positions for websites including Radiowave, MusicNow, and Amazon. After leaving Amazon, he joined online streaming service Napster as Vice President of Music Services, putting him in charge of music programming and product initiatives. From there, he became Chief Operating Officer at Beatport, the world’s largest digital music store for DJs, where he helped build the company to a $50 million valuation upon its sale in 2013.

Under Adell’s watch, MetaPop has pre-cleared over 65,000 songs for remixing, making it the largest catalog of its kind. Since its launch in April 2016, over 7,000 remixers have signed up for the service, resulting in hundred of remixes legally published and monetized on YouTube, Apple Music and Spotify.

Much has changed within the industry since Matthew Adell was a young teen working in a record store, but throughout the years, his vision and dedication to music remain steadfast as ever.
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