Companies 2 Watch winner Amuse innovates again with new service

Tuesday, 12 February 2019
The Swedish company released the first episode of its vlog series tracking its progress through 2019 and recently announced a new royalty payment system called Fast Forward.

Following up on recent conference news about the first ADE 2019 speakers and the continuing Focus Country format, it's time to catch up with Swedish company Amuse. Describing itself as a distribution and artist services platform - neatly avoiding the use of the decidedly old-school term 'record label' - Amuse was the deserved winner of last year's Companies To Watch (C2W) competition during ADE Tech.

On top of the innovative features that won it the coveted C2W award, the company recently announced the imminent launch of a service called Fast Forward. The new service offers acts advance royalty payments calculated by an AI-based system that analyses online streaming performance. Fast Forward will offer independent acts up to six months of estimated future earnings, which for many upcoming artists could be a crucial financial lifeline, with the amounts offered being determined through accessing billions of online data points.

Part of the prize for winning ADE's start-up competition is a series of vlogs covering what the company is and what it does, as well as its progress and innovations throughout 2019.
Click here to access the first episode.

ADE will once again be running the C2W competition at ADE Tech 2019 in partnership with Paylogic and Paradiso. If you are a start-up or recently have developed a new business innovation, now is the time to start putting together a short (500 word) pitch to be considered for inclusion this year's event. Keep an eye on the ADE website for the subscribing procedure.

Photo: Amuse at Companies To Watch 2018
Credits: Mark Richter