Buma Music in Motion presents: Video Game Music in 2020 and Beyond

Friday, 16 October 2020
ADE Pro invites industry experts from Activision, EA Games, Playstation and Position Music for the panel Game On - Video Game Music in 2020 and Beyond, organised and presented by Buma Music in Motion, the platform for the innovative use of music in games, film, television and advertising.

The panelists will be taking an in-depth look at a range of pressing issues, including the music placement and scoring opportunities that exist both for AAA+ games and the growing crowd-funded independent gaming sector. The A-List panelists will also be discussing whether you really need to learn how to use games engines such as Unity to be a games composer, when and if production music is used in the sector, and which gaming music supervisors are currently curating the huge sports games playlists.

”The core-mission of Buma Music in Motion is to promote synergies between music and moving images, and one of the most fertile areas for that right now is gaming. Music forms such an integral part of today's biggest console and multi-player games, and is often used in artfully integrated, creative ways . So, we're very proud to partner with ADE to present a stellar line-up of speakers working at the forefront of music/movement innovation," says BMiM's Maartje Glas.

ADE Pro will also be hosting two BMiM Shorts from music synchronisation specialists, offering advice and pointers for people wanting to work in this growing and dynamic sector. Additionally, in between the keynotes, workshops and panels, correspondents from Berlin, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paolo, Warsaw, Tokyo, London, Los Angeles and more, will be joining in to recount how life under lockdown has been for them, the burning issues of the day as seen by them, and their hopes for the scene and the world post-COVID 19.