Zoe (NL)

Zoë is what people call A Personality. While spinning his extremely funky, deep, tech, dark and groovy tunes, he establishes an incredible party atmosphere by playing with the audience and infecting them with his positive vibrations, causing havoc wherever he goes. A few years later he starts working for Hotsound Records, this is one of the first import records stores in Holland. Artists like Jochem Paap (Speedy J) and Jeroen Verheij (Secret Cinema) release their tracks on Stealth Records (Owned by Hotsound). At this time Zoë was able to let grown his record collection and meet important people in the music business. Apart from some residency in Rotterdam, he has already done his thing at Nighttown, Now and Wow and Off- Corso in Rotterdam, Stalker Club in Haarlem, Ekko in Utrecht, Escape Amsterdam. Gigs abroad: France, Belgium, Germany, Ireland, England, Scotland, Spain, Cyprus and various special events like fashion shows, festivals, boat- and beach parties. In 2014 he’s organizing together with John Joseph club events called TIMELESS all over The Netherlands.
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