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Zitto: “I got interested in music early on, and I absorbed numerous genres, but later, I found my passion in techno and it served as a turning point for me” – influenced by hypnotic techno and Detroit sound, Zitto started his musical career in 2015. Levan Tsertsvadze, known by his stage name Zitto, is a Georgian DJ, who is turning into one of the most intriguing figures for the local clubbing scene. As a DJ, he is characterized by his ability to appropriately perceive the space and context, allowing him to develop a special relationship with the crowd. Zitto’s sets are predominantly encompassing hypnotic and atmospheric techno, but also inherit the flexibility to adjust to specific moments in time and space to produce relevant sound. Apart from DJing, he is working to develop his production skills and promises, that whenever he feels confident enough, he will display his own works. “It is undoubtedly important to have some idea before playing, but the moment when you start playing is the moment you are forming that relationship with the crowd which will shape your set. This requires some dose of improvisation as well. I believe it is crucial to be able to interpret the crowd and act accordingly”, says Zitto. This kind of attitude is reflected in his performances and could be one of the reasons for him making an enormous progress during the last period. As a result, he was named as the best DJ by ‘Electronauts 2015’.
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