Yiannis Karavassilis (NL)

Speaker (Cloudkid)

Yiannis is the COO and Head of Label at CloudKid. CloudKid was founded by Gereon Sommerburg in 2013 and is a carefully curated music curation channel / record label with a community of over 3.5 million subscribers. After locking in a distribution deal with Universal Music Germany, in 2017, CloudKid has made the label a core part of its business model. Yiannis has been in the industry for a little over 5 years now. After getting a Bachelors of Arts from SAE Rotterdam / Middlesex University in Audio Engineering, he got his first job with Dutch independent Record Label and Management Agency, Heroic. While working at Heroic as COO and Head of Music he also took on the role of label manager at Dutch independent record label bitbird for 2 years. He has now been with CloudKid for over 2 years, focusing on optimizing the company’s operations and heading the label through spearheading Artist development projects, negotiating deals, overlooking A&R with Gereon, and running all of the label’s operations.

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