Yawen Maggie Luo (CN)

Speaker (ISY MEDIA)
With a BA degree in Economics and Philosophy from University of Toronto, Yawen’s logical and analytical academic background often transcends in her pursuits of the creative scene and influences her entertainment business strategies. As a young creative, Yawen founded GENIE RECORDS in Canada while she serves as its Managing Director. Yawen expresses her Neo-Contemporary and Avantgarde approaches through various commercial collaborations in fields like fine art, fashion, photography, music and film productions. Partnered with ISY Music Festival in Sanya, China, Yawen began as the Casting Director and Co-Producer for the After-Movie and Promo-Movie of ISY MUSIC FESTIVAL 1.0. Through GENIE RECORDS, Yawen found her interests in the development of Afrobeats sounds, and consequently organized the Afrobeats Stage as an important branding strategy for ISY MUSIC FESTIVAL 2.0. ISY Afrobeats Stage’s success and its pioneer-like status in the Chinese Music Industry granted a firm foundation for Yawen’s newest joint venture with no other than ISY Music Festival’s founding father Haiqiang Luo. Together they founded ISY MEDIA PTE. LTD. Under Yawen’s management, ISY MEDIA strategically unites all entertainment industry leading resources such as commercial performance touring, radio broadcasting, gaming development, motorsports collaborations and much more. Through ISY MEDIA, Yawen Luo now focuses on multi-faceted talents development and artists management with an emphasis in the Chinese Market, while remains a valuable member in ISY MUSIC FESTIVAL as its Creative Director & Director of Marketing and Communications.
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