Yasmine S'haki (MA)

Being a DJ has always been clear for Yasmean. Born and raised in Casablanca, she got inspired by the huge tape collection of her mother that she still considers today as a gold mine. From an early age, she has always find happiness and inspiration in digging music and selecting tunes from various influences. Making people dance and sharing her true-self throughout music selection appeared to her as an obvious move regarding her passion for sound. She sets the mood and translates her vibe into selections where genres and influences are blended into a pêle-mêle of goodness. From writing pieces for the first moroccan online music magazine to helping in bringing the first techno events in Morocco, she naturally got involved in the moroccan electronic scene from a young age. She has seen it evolve and shine for the past five years and got her experience as a young nightlife actor by witnessing and learning from the natural movements that shaped the evolution of the scene since 2012. Today, she's mainly working on gathering selectors from Morocco and beyond to let them express themselves throught a platform that will see the light at the end of 2017. Aside from festivals and events, she is convinced that people need some kind of free platform to discover, explore and express themselves when it comes to music, especially in a growing scene like Morocco. Growing up, she always wanted to spread the music she loves to people and throught Rotation Selections, she wants to give the same opportunity for people who might want to pursue the same journey as her.
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