Yang Bing (CN)

Artist & Speaker
AS a DJ Yang Bing has been integral in defining Beijing’s underground club scene with his famous signature fat bass and funky tech-house sound. In China A native of Beijing, Yang Bing began DJing in 1995 when the city had no clubs playing electronic music, and commercial pop music dominated the scene. Starting off his career in a club playing pop, it was only a matter of time before his passion and interest in Tech-House and raves drove him to pursue other opportunities. In 1997 he broke out on his own, promoting and playing the first underground rave parties in Beijing clubs. In April 2000 Yang Bing and his friends brought all their experience together, launching the China Pump Factory parties that are still the most popular events on the Beijing scene. Organizing and playing the summer’s ‘Party at the Great Wall,’ Yang Bing’s music and infectious performance received attention throughout China and the world. He continued to successfully organize his own parties, as well as perform for other labels and promoters. Worldwide In May of 2001 Yang Bing became the first Chinese DJ to play in Europe when the Bern Electronic Music Convention invited him to play at one of their headline events. Yang Bing was then invited back to Switzerland to play at the one million person Zurich Street Parade with CheeseBeat in August the same year. Since then, he’s played in Switzerland several more times, including shows at such venues as Spider Galaxy, Club Q, Supermarket. Other noteworthy performances for Yang Bing include shows in Vienna, Berlin, Amsterdam, Rio De Janeiro, Singapore, San Francisco and many cities across China. One of the pinnacle moments in Yang Bing’s international career happened in July 2003 when he was invited to play at the Rio Parade in Brazil. Not only was he able to showcase his own talents, but he had the opportunity to DJ with some of the best DJs and party crews in the world. Yang Bing has been resident DJ at most of Beijing’s top clubs, including Vogue, The Loft, Club Orange, Velvet Room, Cloud 9 and Club Cargo. Today Yang Bing continues to develop and build the EDM scene in Beijing and in mainland China as well. Through his own efforts he began his own label Electrax Beijing that invites DJs from around the world to play in clubs across China. Yang Bing is committed to himself and the evolution of EDM on the China music scene.
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