Xique-Xique (BR)

Xique’ Xique is DJ & music producer duo Dunwich & Biba Graeff, a slow bpm project from São Paulo (Brazil), inspired and influenced by the VOODOOHOP collective, and somehow perfectly picturing the boiling alternative scene of São Paulo. Expect some deep grooves, hypnotic melodies and organic rhythms… Dunwich is a French experienced DJ and music producer, professional since 2000, with a proper solo career built on a wide musical culture while Biba Graeff is a Brazilian music producer and selector from Porto Alegre who used to be the keyboard and pianist of the late Brazilian genius Jupiter Apple, and who is actually singer and producer of the Anvil FX duo, signed on Daft Records and Noise Democracy Records. On the Magic Movements latest trick XiqueXique from paints a psychedelic panorama of the mysterious world of Amazonia full of waterfalls bellicose woman and an endless flora & fauna. By combining brazilian rhythms with elements of techno dubby house and plenty of bird sounds they create a unique bunch of vivid slow jams to get lost in. Being already a classic in the infamous circles Xaxoeira is finally available on vinyl! This vibey masterpiece is the straightest of the bunch a proper slowmo House tune with a dark flute sample and a broken organ that grinds its way into the deepest corners of your brain
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