Willy San Juan (ES)

Willy Sanjuan has played as a DJ in top cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Miami, Madrid, Barcelona, London, Dubai and Ibiza (Privilege, Amnesia & Space), and is frequently touring countries worldwide, from Spain, Monaco, Switzerland, Germany, Greece and Italy, to Barbados and Canada. During his former residency at the infamous MILENIO CLUB in Montevideo, Uruguay, he performed special marathon sets of more than 14 hours, and gained popularity in surrounding Ecuador, Guatemala, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Venezuela and Panama from his frequent visits to Latin America. Willy worked as one of the producers behind the mass hit GROOVE IS IN THE AIR, which was released under the TIJUANA moniker on John Digweed´s BEDROCK Records UK, and described as a progressive house classic by Hernan Cattaneo after selling more than 25.000 vinyl records across the globe and hundreds of thousands of compilations. His other works as a producer include remixes from a multitude of renowned artists like THICK DICK a.k.a. E-Smoove (Welcome to the Jungle), MOCHICO (Eddie Amador), TUESDAYS CHILD a.k.a. ROB RHYTHM MASTERS, Bondservants, DJ Disciple, and Robbie Rivera among others. HE has also worked with some of the best house music singers like ROLAND CLARK, INAYA DAY, DRAGONFLY or LISA PURE. As founder of the Molacacho Records label, Willy releases work of artists around the world in addition to his own tracks. The sensational hit PUSH MY BASS exploded onto the Central American dance radio scene. Produced by WILLY SANJUAN and housemaster EDDIE AMADOR, this outstanding track features vocals by British-based CLARA DA COSTA. With more than 9 weeks at number 1 on BEAT 100.9 FM Radio, PUSH MY BASS became one of the strongest hits of the year in Mexico and paved the way for a number of successful performances by Willy. In 2010 this project has come out again with new mixes from different producers from around the world. Willy Sanjuan took one step further into the world of electronic music to form PUNCH EXCITERS. Creating distinctive mixes of international sounds, PUNCH EXCITERS gained global appeal and spread worldwide with tours in Latin America and concerts throughout Europe. Their success culminated in the smash hit DANCE OF THE FIRE, performed in festivals of more than 30.000 people in Russia as it climbed to first place on national dance radio. After moving to Mexico in 2011 Willy Sanjuan is running the studio of +Mas Label records which es the most influential electronic music label in Latin America under the umbrella of EMPO (Electronic Meeting Point). Original productions, remixes, weekly podcasts, radio and TV production and also A&R tasks searching for new and upcoming EDM talents in the LA market. As a DJ he's travelling with the tours EMPO is organizing throughout Mex & LA like "Ibiza Residence" leading him to different cities and most of Central America countries. Big plans ahead for this music enthusiastic. Be a part of them!
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