Wayne Tennant (CA)

At present, Wayne Tennant has just released his debut full length album which was officially out on September 9th titled "Life in a Minor Key". This body of work is infused with classic pop sensibilities that will have the listener singing along. It also encompasses the many styles of music such as R&B, Pop, Rock, to even Arabic styled songs, that he has been influenced by over the years. One example of the pop influence can be found on the percussive and melodic song "Crash". This song harkens back to the 80's when there were lush synths with catchy melodies to sing along to. While living in a city like Casablanca during the making of this album, it was difficult for him not to be influenced by the traditional music that was being played passionately on the street coners and on car radios in the midst of traffic jams throughout the city. An example of this appears on the song "I Only Have One Heart" which mirrors the North African influence with Ali El Farouk's melodic Oud Playing. His first single called "The Spell" has a modern day feel of R&B to it which is infectious. The song has a plaintive chorus laced with a Spanish guitar that fights to stay with the listener and wins in that regard. Last but not least he also wrote a song called "Why" which touches on Political matters that concern his world he was able to excecute this by dueting with Malika Tirolien who was on Snarky Puppie's Grammy Award winning album in 2014. Wayne Tennant realizes at this moment that he is breaking new ground with a few of his contemporaries and he is proud to be a part of a movement that strives to be a messenger in a world ripe with reality shows and gimmicks.
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