Wantigga (NL)

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The refreshing face of the electronica scene, Wantigga AKA Jonathan Tan, is not your usual music producer. A lifelong musician with a flair for creating unique sounds, Wantigga has the melodic knowledge at his core, and this informs his futuristic soul sound. Born and raised in the Netherlands, Wantigga’s fan base began in Amsterdam and has since expanded globally with listeners streaming his music across the world. Wantigga soared onto the radar of futuristic soul lovers, with his track ‘Lové’, a collaboration with French rapper Damso which was awarded platinum status. Producing his first tune at the ripe age of 12, Wantigga’s new EP ‘Suddenly Everything’ is the perfect compilation of his history as a musician, but is also just the beginning for his music career. The EP is comprised of 5 game-changing songs that translates the abstract thoughts and feelings of the artist. Wantigga taught himself to play several instruments and is continuously experimenting with sound as he brings new life to random sounds such as those at a train station and mixes them into his music. Regularly rocking around the world, Wantigga has performed at world-class festivals, including Lowlands, Pukkelpop, Pitch and Solar and has played in destinations from Paris to Tokyo, Jakarta, Seoul and of course Amsterdam. Wantigga is one of the most admired growing artists and is one to watch as he combines the best of electronic and soul music into his own sound.
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